About Us

I am Mohua, the food blogger. Cooking is my passion. I love learning new recipes and experiment them to make a new and unique dishes. I believe if you have a tasty food, your mood will be good.
I have learnt many old recipes from my mother and grandmother and have given those recipes a modern touch. Anything we do by our heart always gives a positive result.
Now a days I am looking forward to many new recipes from food articles, and recipe books of my grandmother. I have also found many new tricks and techniques by which you can prepare delicious recipes very easily. Here I am going to share all the things I have learnt. Hope you all will also enjoy this technique of cooking those recipes. Come again and again to learn more unique techniques and recipes.


Currently, I have started sharing my daily food stories on Instagram, and in that process, I am also reading many food stories, virtually meeting with fellow creators, learning new recipes, cooking techniques, which I would love to share with you! I hope you will spend some time here and share your thoughts before you go. I would love to see you here again and again!