16 Variations Popular Pancakes Found In Different Parts Of The World

There are different variations of pancakes you can make. You can make these pancakes in different ways also. The pancakes are known by different names in different countries.

Pancakes are a wonderful breakfast a person can have. It is easy to prepare. pancakes are thin, crispy, flat and round-shaped bread-like items. Pancakes make your stomach fill for a long time. It is the option for best Breakfast or Dinner. Pancakes are healthy also. A heavy and healthy breakfast can make your day good. All children and persons of different ages like pancakes as they are extremely delicious. We all can have pancakes as an evening snack too. A Pancake is a flat cake made with eggs, milk, and flour. Pancakes are an American dish.

There are different variations of pancakes you can make. You can make these pancakes in different ways also. The pancakes are known by different names in different countries. The different variations of pancakes and the names they are called in different countries are as follows:

scotch pancake
scotch pancake

Scotch Pancakes

Scotch pancakes are made with flour, eggs, sugar, milk, salt, and cream of tartar. These scotch pancakes are much thicker than the normal pancakes cooked. They are made much smaller in size than pancakes and are often served with jam or cream. The scotch pancakes are also known as “DROPPED SCONES”. These scotch pancakes are generally formed in Scotland. Mix all these ingredients together and brush some butter in a pan add them in the shapes of pancakes and fry them till golden brown.

french crêpes
french crêpes

French Crepes

As the name suggests French Crepe, they are generally found in France. French crepes are famous in the UK and are made in a crepe pan to form a thin pancake. These pancakes are made from flour, milk, and eggs, these are closest to English Pancakes and can be served sweet or savory. These crepes are made generally by rolled or folded with many fillings. They are more thinner and delicate than normal pancakes. They are not so fluffy as the other normal pancakes. This French Crepe was generally originated from the northwest region of France called Brittany.

american style pancakes
American style pancakes

American-Style Pancakes

The American-style pancakes are different from our thin variations. Banking powder is used in The American pancake recipe to form much thicker, fluffier pancakes. These pancakes are served with maple syrup and bacon for breakfast. These pancakes can also be served as a dessert with fruit, cream, or yogurt. American Pancakes are generally made of eggs, milk, flour, sugar, and baking powder. These Pancakes are generally called griddlecakes or flapjacks. These pancakes are very much soft and tasty.

indonesian serabi
Indonesian Sarabi

Indonesian Serabi

As the name suggests these pancakes are found in Indonesia. Serabi is a traditional cake that is originated in Indonesia. Indonesia Sarabi pancakes are made with rice flour and coconut milk and are cooked only on one side, most Serabi is eaten sweet, but this can be served with cheese and meat for a snack. Juice of pandan leaves is added to the batter consisting of rice flour. coconut milk, and coconut sugar. This pandan leaf makes the color green. This different type of pancake is enjoyed throughout Southeast Asia.

russian blinis
Russian blinis

Russian Blinis

As the name suggests these Russian Blinis is originated in Russia. Russian blinis also known as buckwheat pancakes, and are yeasted pancakes traditionally made from buckwheat flour and they are served savory with sour cream. Mini blinis are popular in the UK and are often eaten with smoked salmon. These are the party type of pancakes. The main ingredients used in this pancake are wheat, eggs, and milk. Blini are fluffier than a crepe. The blinis taste much creamy and nutty.

moroccan msemen
Moroccan semen

Moroccan Msemen

Msemen are generally found in Morocco and Algeria. Moroccan Msemens are square-shaped pancakes made from wheat flour and semolina. They are mostly served with meats and meals. These pancakes can be eaten for dinner also. The main ingredients used in this Moroccan Msemen are flour, semolina, yeast, sugar, and butter.

danish aebleskiver
Danish Aebleskiver

Danish Aebleskiver

Danish Aebleskiver is served hot. These pancakes are fluffy and spherical in shape. These pancakes are made in a special frying pan and have deep holes for each pancake, these pancakes are eaten like doughnuts dipped in jam and sprinkled in sugar. The main ingredients used in this are buttermilk, flour, egg yolks, and sugar. This is an authentic European breakfast.

irish boxty
Irish Boxty

Irish Boxty

These pancakes are made with egg, flour, milk, butter, and potato. This type of pancake is served as a snacks or as a delicious meal. As the name suggests Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake. This word comes from “bacus” known as a bakehouse.

korean jeon
Korean jeon

Korean Jeon

The Korean Jeon is made from eggs, wheat flour, rice, and green onions. These pancakes are different from other pancakes and they are topped or used as a wrap, the Korean Jeon contains fish, meat, or vegetables with the mixture so that the ingredients are cooked together. The Korean Jeon is originated in Korea.

italian crespelle
Italian Crespelle

Italian Crespelle

The Italian Crespelle is a different type of pancake. These pancakes are similar to that of the French crepe. These pancakes are made from eggs, milk, and chestnut flour. These are thin layered pancakes and are served with cheese. This dish is very popular in Italy.

australian pikelet
Australian pikelet

Australian Pikelet

Australian Pikelets are made from milk, flour, eggs, and a little touch of icing sugar, the Australian pikelet is a type of Russian blini. Pikelets are made small similar to Scotch pancakes and these pancakes are served with jam, cream, or butter.

german dutch baby pancake
German Dutch Baby Pancake

German Dutch Baby Pancake

The German-Dutch baby pancake is not at all small-sized like its name. They are big-sized pancakes and they closely resemble a Yorkshire pudding. These pancakes are made with eggs, flour, sugar, and milk and seasoned with cinnamon or vanilla, they are mainly served sweet. The difference with other types of pancakes are they are actually baked in a cast iron pan,

swedish raggmunks
Swedish raggmunks

Swedish Raggmunks

Swedish Raggmunks are made with milk, eggs, wheat flour, and grated potato. These pancakes are fried and are often served up with meat or as part of a meal. Swedish raggmunks are very healthy. We can serve this as lunch to the children

dutch poffertjes
Dutch Poffertjes

Dutch Poffertjes

Dutch poffertjes are made with yeast and buckwheat. Dutch Poffertjes have a light, spongy texture. These pancakes are served sweet with cream and a dusting of sugar. these pancakes are cooked in a special pan to make their unique shape. Dutch Poffertjes are originated in the Netherlands.

finnish pannukakka
Finnish Pannukakku

Finnish Pannukakku

Finnish Pannukakka is a sweet, baked food made of eggs, milk, sugar, flour, and vanilla, the Finnish Pannakakku is a thick pancake it is crispy on the top and soft in the middle. These pancakes are mostly served sweet with cream, jam, or fruit. This pancake is popular in Finland. This pancake is a combination of crepe and custard.

indian pancake


This is are the types of pancakes made in different parts of the world. Indians also make variations of pancakes. Indian-style pancakes are also very yummy and healthy. Indian pancakes are made from rice flour, peanuts, ginger, onions, curry leaves, chili powder, and sesame seeds. All these ingredients are mixed and a smooth batter is made and baked in butter or oil.

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